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Change of Focus/Artist Name

2013-07-16 09:13:20 by Tzunami

Anyone out there still enjoying my music? For all of my fans that have still been looming around, waiting for me to post, I'd have to say that I've been busy at work changing my persona and taking jumps on new opportunities. I've changed my name to "Esirza", with my new main focus to be mostly Moombahton, Drum & Bass and all the sub-genres around those.

My current and newest song is an original entry to the Beatport "Toolroom Producers Contest" called "Nocturne". If you're still interested, check me out at all my new web addresses: Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter and YouTube.

Thanks again for all my fans that have enjoyed my style and evolution though music and are still interested to this day.

Five Points EP...

2012-10-31 08:44:56 by Tzunami
Updated out now! After several months of work, it's finally done. Five songs with five varied outcomes, all connecting to the focus and mindset I have when I create music. Each track contains a small description about how each song felt and came about, with an overall message that I create music to enjoy it, not to try and please others. If people enjoy the music I make, it means I must catch their ear in some way that other artists don't.

If you wish to download the album, check it out right here, or click to the left under my links!

Quick Post + Update

2012-09-25 05:33:55 by Tzunami

Album is coming along nicely. Finished up a new song that I worked on while taking breaks between final masters for each song. Uhm.. not sure what else to say, not big on making news posts.


Where Am I?

2012-08-04 08:50:35 by Tzunami

So, it's been a while since my last news post. What have I been doing? I've drawn myself away from a new song every month or two so I could focus on my mixing and mastering process, then working on and releasing my first album. I figure as I learn this, I'll have a nice bunch of new songs and it would be crazy to upload all of them all at once. A preview of a few of the new songs can be found on my SoundCloud, which is also the location of my latest song: Fate of the NetSphere. I've made this song as an entry for the S4 League Summer Design Event. Last year, I had the honor of winning it, so this year I wanted to make sure I did better and outclassed even my own work. You can definitely hear the progress I've made with my mixing/mastering, so as I learn and grow more, expect my album to be amazing and mind-blowing. The next post I write will probably be more information on my album, but until then, thanks everyone for following me and becoming a fan. Be prepared for some amazing new stuff!



2012-02-24 08:39:39 by Tzunami

Hey everyone, figured I'd leave a quick post on my latest song "Death of a Wobble". It's, as someone mentioned, a "dubstep ballad" with dramatic lead sections and consistent experimentation on my part. I spent a good amount of time working on it, but I'm sure inclined to figure out what I should make next. With so many unfinished projects sitting around and no ideas to get them done, I'm not sure what to do first.

Anyways, I shall be shuffling through my many projects, working on a few remixes as well to be uploaded to my Soundcloud.
Other then that, ciao for now.


2012-02-08 21:23:49 by Tzunami

+ Overall redesign
+ Fancy graphics
++ Post mood icons are win

Anyways, this new design is amazing. Other then that, I've spent the last few months focusing on tuning my sound and trying to find what I'm the best at. Looking through my catalog of music, I've been all over the place, but there's never been a genre that I've actually stuck with for the longest. Various remix contests that I've entered have really pushed my boundaries into new styles and sounds. Within the next week or so, I should hopefully have a new track or two uploaded here.


Recent Events + Astral Hypnosis

2011-03-08 16:07:19 by Tzunami

I'm sure most of the Audio Forum regulars as well as lurkers (like myself), saw the topic about the song theft from the AP on Soundcloud. Thankfully everything has been taken care of quickly, with not too much against us, as well as a NG group was created there just to prevent another problem like at that location. It's really sad to see people trying to pass themselves off as the creator of a song when a whole community could point out that they aren't. To xKore, Bjra, Solus, Mr.Jazzman, and everyone else that was invovled in the problem, I'm glad everything got worked out as quick as it did, before there was real harm done. Sure enough, I'm sure the fiasco may have gotten you some good promotion and recognition across the internet, as well, may have opened op opportunities for all of you.


Along with recent events, I feel as if I've created my best song yet. A lot of inspiration and hard work went into creating it, even though it didn't seem like I did that much. Since my last post I've created a few good songs, along with a few that I haven't released due to personal preference, but Astral Hypnosis just shines through the rest in my eyes.

As of now, I've been trying to come up with something new, but I raised my standards for myself with my latest track. It's not the fact that what I come up with doesn't sound to my liking, but the fact that I should really start putting my all into these songs. I could put a lot more work into automation, leveling, mixing, and the overall feel of the song, though I just stay shy of really trying to make something good. I've even started a remix, or I should say, the stuff I couldn't put into the actual song without killing the general mood. Even with that I'm not sure if I want to complete it or not.

I've experimented over the years with many different styles, the best being just letting the songs write themselves. The only thing that has been constant between my songs is the constant space feeling that exists in each one of them. My goal as of now is to choose if I really want to take the big step forward and put my all into my music, or just ride under-the-radar as I have been.

Whatever I decide, my music is still my favorite means of output. I'll keep at it as long as I can. Sure enough I'll find out where I'm headed and then I can say I've made my decision.


Finally arranged.

2010-11-05 17:10:53 by Tzunami

Well, I officially have everything that I need on me as of now. My bed came in a couple of days ago and it was fully assembled the same day. With all this extra space now I can really get into some more serious work. My creativity has been running on extra high as of recently, with a good amount of songs created in the last couple weeks. I'm not sure what I should work on next exactly as of now. I could continue Last Wish and come up with part four, or go back into extreme experimentalization (because I like making up words to fit my current status). I'm up for collabs, remixes, or whatever challenges you can throw my way. Other then that, things are pretty well around here and hopefully soon I can get some more equipment in here for some easier handling.

Keep the peace,


2010-08-10 01:07:48 by Tzunami

It's been a while since I've posted something. I've mostly been busy with school. Recently I've started changing up a lot of my room, mostly getting a lot of new stuff, painting, and so on. I'm hoping once everything is together I can get over this writers block I have and get back to making the songs I love the most.

For now I've uploaded a small amount of songs: Shooting Star, Mistaken, Absolute Zero, Endless Summer and so on.. I'm hoping they are what you people have been looking for and I'm even up for requests of styles since I've been on such a block. Maybe I could get through this and come out with something amazing.

Keepin' it real,

Current Status

2009-04-29 07:42:48 by Tzunami

So what have I been up to?

First off I've mostly been balancing my personal life with school, not leaving much time for composing and such. I've been back and forth in FL and had a 2 month block until a couple days ago. As of now I have two upcoming songs. One has barely been started, the other is finished but it's one of those amazing out of nowhere projects that I'm not releasing until I get it to it's best.

The other project as of now I'm searching for the correct sound. Once I finally get it out there, I'm sure the project will flow right with it. Hopefully I can get these out before June, there are a few events going on and I'll be very busy.

Other then that life goes on.